Ledbury Carnival 2011 - Judging Results (Page 1 of 2)

These photos were taken at the announcement of the judging at the Rugby Ground.

The Trophies Crowds gathering for the results
The carnival princess and her attendant getting ready

Class 1 - Children's Fancy Dress up to Age 8 (4 entries)
Cup - Mr and Mrs G Hobby Club

3rd Gemma Ince – Wizard

2nd Lucy Schofield - Alice in Wonderland

1st Benjamin and Bea Powers - Dick Wittington

Class 2 - Children's Fancy Dress age 8 - 16 (1 entry)
Cup - The Everest Double Glazing Cup

1st Katie Ince – Witch

Class 3 - Senior Fancy Dress (3 entries)
Cup - The HJ Chapman and Co Cup

3rd Julie Ince - Girl Pirate

2nd Carol Somers - We off to see the wizard of Oz 1st Keith Frances - Dame Esmeralda

Class 4 - Best Bicycle/Pram or Hand Propelled Vehicle/Walking Group (5 entries)
Cup – The Watson Petroleum Cup
3rd The West Family - Sleeping Beauty

2nd Matthew Group - 101 Dalmatians
1st Suzi Anderson Creative Theatre School - Chorus Line

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