Ledbury Carnival 2009 - Judging Results (Page 1 of 2)

These photos were taken at the announcement of the judging at the Rugby Ground.

Children's Fancy Dress Up to 8 Years
Molly and Jess Schofield as "Fifi and the Flower tots"
Children's Fancy Dress (Third Prize)
Carol Somers as "Looby Loo"
Children's Fancy Dress (Second Prize)
William Park as "The Stig from Top Gear"
Children's Fancy Dress (First Prize)
Emma Somers as "Little Weed in Bill and Ben"
Senior Fancy Dress (Third Prize)
Keith Francis as "Torchwood", see, he has a touch and wood!
Senior Fancy Dress (Second Prize)
Brenda Hill as "Z Cars"
Senior Fancy Dress (First Prize)
Pauline and Sally as Kim and Aggie in "How Clean is your house"
Best Bike, Pram or Hand Propelled Vehicle/Walking Group
Benjamin Powers as "Postman Pat"
Best Small Float (Third Prize)
The Marshalls as "The Incredibles"
Best Small Float (Second Prize)
Pughs as "Allo Allo"

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