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Welcome to the Official Ledbury Carnival website. Here you will find pictures from past carnivals.

Here are pictures from the Ledbury Carnival, which takes place every August Bank Monday. Here are some pictures from the 1998 (Bungee Jumping), 1999 (It's a Knockout), 2000 (The Circus), 2001 (Flower Power), 2002 (Royal Pageant), 2003 (Country Carnival), 2004 (Hollywood Comes to Ledbury), 2005 (Greatest Events in History). 2006 (Music). 2007 (Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes), 2008 (Countries of the World), 2009 (TV Carnival). 2010 (Transport and Travel). 2011 (Theatre and Pantomime), 2012 (Great Britain 2012), 2013 (West End Comes to Ledbury). 2014 (40 Years of Ledbury Carnival), 2015 (Step Back in Time), 2016 (Heroes and Villains), 2017 (A Novel Idea), 2018 (Ledfest).2019 (A Nautical Carnival). The 2020 event was postponded. The 2021 event has the theme "Games"

The 2021 Carnival still happened on August Bank Holiday but not what we use to. Here are some of the highlights of Party in the Car Park 2021.

Ledbury Carnival 2022 is back. This years theme is Ledbury Blooms. More details to follow

Launch Date TBC

This years carnival princess and her attendance has been crowned.

Winner is Evie Merrick. Her Attendance are Lily-May Miessner, Florence Daisy Osmond and Mila Cotton-Rowland





In Memory of Andy Ward

Former Manager of the Talbot Hotel and Long-time Supporter of Ledbury Carnival

Entry form click here


Open to AMATEUR Photographers who are invited to submit up to three photographs of previous Ledbury Carnivals.

Photographs may be either “Colour” or “Black and White”.

Entries must be accompanied by a signed entry form available from the Homend Mall or click here.

Anonymous submissions will NOT be accepted.

Entry to this competition provides Ledbury Carnival Association with permission to use any submitted image in Carnival publications and promotions.

Entries must be submitted to jill_jupp@hotmail.co.uk or The Homend Mall by midnight 31 May 2022

Judging will take place by Public Selection and be announced on 1 July 2022.

The winner will be presented with the “Andy Ward Memorial Trophy” together with a voucher for a ‘Dinner for Two’ kindly donated by the Talbot Hotel, Ledbury.




** Click here for 2021 pictures (8 pages) **

The results of the 2021 Shop Windows Competition
Click here for photos

First Prize - Raft
Second Prize - Navigator
Third Prize - Tanzanite

Winner of the Design a Future Carnival Competition
Cecily Stephens, age 11 from Eastnor Primary School

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 The 2021 Carnival Princess is Jess Wixey (age 10) (middle)
Her attendance are Amy Bodenhame (Left) Age 10 and Bea Powers (Right) Age 10
Ages were at the time of judging in June 2021



Bank Holiday Monday 30 August 2021, St Katherine's Car Park
"Party in the Car Park 2021"

Order of Play in St Katherines Car Park
1.00pm : Carnival Princess and Attendants and Mayor opening the event
1:30pm The Raintrees Band
2:15pm Children's Fancy Dress Judging (supported by Hereford Hospital Radio)
2:45pm Children's Disco
3:45pm Hereford Hospital Radio
4.00pm Grand Raffle Draw
4:15pm The Raintrees Band
5.00pm Closing Commentary from Hereford Hospital Radio

The 2020 Virtual Carnival is still available on Youtube. Thank you for the nearly 600 views. Ledbury Virtual Carnival 2020 - YouTube


Videos from the 2009 to 2019 carnival + 360 video from 2018 from the Official Ledbury Carnival You Tube Channel
(There is no 360 video for 2019 due to faulty camera)

Click on either 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 for the video

I also need your help. If you have any old photos (or even video) from any previous carnival before 1999, please contact me. Any picture used will be built up to a good collection of Carnival Photos and each and every submission used will be credited on this website. Many thanks for the submission so far. There are now several pictures from old carnival including one from 1945. All photos will be returned.

Click on any of the images below

1998 - Bungee

1999 - Caribbean

2000 - Circus

2001 - Flower Power

 2002 - Royal Pageant
 2003 - Country Carnival  2004 - Hollywood  2005 - Historic Events  2006 - Music  2007 - Fairy Tales
and Nursery Rhymes
2008 - Countries of the World   2009 - TV Carnival  2010 - Transport and Transport 2011 - Theatre and Pantomime 2012 - Great Britain 2012
2013 - West End comes to Ledbury 2014 - 40 Years of
Ledbury Carnival
2015 - Step Back in Time 2016 - Heroes and Villains 2017 - A Novel Idea 
Virtual Carnival 2020
Party in the Car Park 2021
2018 - Ledfest  2019 - A Nautical Carnival 2020  2021  

Some little gems. Old Carnival Photos : 1945, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1992, 1993, 1997(1), 1997(2)
Thanks for all those who submitted photos. More to come include rare footage from the 1977 carnival


For other Ledbury Photos (loads more) and info, please click here for the main index page

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