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Ledbury Carnival 2000 : Circus


Ledbury Carnival 2000 took place on Monday 28 August 2000. The 2000 event was the 26th Ledbury Carnival. It was a bit of a challenge for me part 2. I tried in 1999 and just made it. I was at 3 locations during the carnival procession. I was outside MSF Roundabout at 12:00, The New Street at 12:25 and Ledbury Primary School at about 12:50pm. They changed the route from 1999, hence I had very little time to run up New Street to meet the procession. I didn't get to the top in time, and as the High Street was extremely busy, I thought for a change, take the pictures outside Somerfield in New Street. I also had a camcorder with me again this year. On this and the following few pages, are a collection of photos and camcorder images of the Event. The weather wasn't as good as 1999, as there was a few spots of rain, but it was sunny. There was about 8,000 visitors again! As well as the Carnival procession, Ledbury had its own Circus in the middle of the High Street. What I didn't know at the time, was that one of the float hit a building turning out of New Street into the High Street. The 500 first prize in the draw went to a visitor from Germany!


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