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Ledbury Carnival 2004 : Hollywood Comes To Ledbury


Ledbury Carnival 2004 took place on Monday 30 August 2004. The 2004 event was the 30th Ledbury Carnival. The theme was Hollywood Comes To Ledbury. I had a few friends helping me take photos and video footage. Many thanks to Alistair Pearson, Matthew Pace Bardon and Natasha Stuart for helping me on the day. An official DVD of the 2004 event is available via this site.

Yet again I was at 3 locations during the carnival procession. Ledbury Rugby Ground at 11:30, Top cross where the traffic lights were around 12:35, 13:10 at Ledbury Primary School. As always there was a running commentary by Hereford Hospital Radio when the float went past the town.

There are a collection of photos taken on my digital camera and digital camcorder. There are repeat photos of the procession but from different angles. Happy viewing over 450 photos!


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